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You might already be a word whiz and just need an expert in the field to check things over. This might only take an hour or two with a few minor edits. Yay!

The final copy of any document needs to be perfectly publishable, and you might need some quick additions to enhance the accuracy and sales aspect of your site. My copywriters offer unique proofreading expertise for your business or project.


It's so important that you know exactly what information is going on your website before we get started. I have a team of professional, premium copywriters on call to help you shape your web copy. Our writers are handpicked with years of tertiary studies behind them in the art of professional writing, plus a wealth of experience in the publishing industry.

My writers will personally help you to build the perfect tone and writing style to showcase your brand mission. Using a range of advanced techniques, marketing know-how, and a warm approach, your website will capture the hearts of your readers and clients.

– Emotive sales language
– Accurate proofreading and editing
– Encapsulate the essence of your mission


Approximately $70 per hour, 5-7 hours of work. 

​Copywriting service
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Socials, lead magnets, emails & blogs

Writing catchy, communicative socials, email trails and blogs for your business is not that easy. You might even be wondering – what the hell is a lead magnet? Do I need one? There is so much demand for quality online content right now, and a premium business like yours can't take the risk of throwing a mediocre  message out there that nobody can understand.

We're talking about poorly formed emails. Rushed socials posts. Badly edited blogs. The dreaded missing apostrophe. All of this shapes a poor impression of your brand.

My copywriters can create the complete written package for you. 

– 10 socials posts ranging from 100-400 words
– 2 email scripts
– 1 x 1000 word blog OR lead magnet
– Emotive, heart-centred stories and sales language
– Engaging posts and scripts that hit current trends in the market
– Accurate portrayal of your voice and mission
– Free optional imagery to accompany posts or emails
– Brand strategy and writing tips

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